Hello and welcome to my site. 
This site is devoted to an ongoing project I am doing called ‘Art of Decay’ and contains a collection of images I’ve built up over the past years.
During my travels I’ve always come across things rusting or decaying away, whether at the side of a field, in a forest, on the bank of a river, all around us things have been left to rust and decay. 
Most of these items are ignored and passed by without a second thought.  But is there an artistic side to some of these items.  This project explores this concept.
The more I have got into the project the more I started actively seeking out locations where amazing rusty items live and have travels both to Sweden and the USA in search for these items.
I am not a professional photographer and do this as a hobby along with my passion for nature/wildlife photography but thought it would be nice to share these images.
Thanks for visiting, Mark Webb